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"In Vichy become an actor of your health."
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VICHY CÉLESTINS Spa Hôtel "The wise doctor doesn't wait for people to get sick to heal them. He tends to them while they are in good health."

General Management.

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Founded in 1863.

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At the heart of the largest Spa in Europe

« Dear Guests, welcome to the VICHY CÉLESTINS Spa Hôtel. We are delighted to welcome you to our establishment, rewarded as one of the three finest European "Spa Destinations" (World Spa Awards 2013) for its excellence in matter of health and personal healing. In exclusivity, the VICHY CÉLESTINS Spa Hôtel offers a highly qualified Health Division, consisting of a multidisciplinary medical team working within an exceptional environment, as well as the Institut des Laboratoires Vichy. This unique establishment has been greatly appreciated by numerous personalities and a national and international clientele. 

"Seriously Thermal, Infinitely Spa", an authentic art de vivre.

We wish you an excellent stay in Vichy. »

Jérôme Phelipeau
CEO of the Compagnie de Vichy

Are you ready to discover a new Art of Living?

A French proverb states that "caution is the mother of safety" and we believe this message is perfectly adapted to our guests.

"Caution is the mother of safety"

Founded in 1853, the Compagnie de Vichy is committed to teaching you good health to offer you a healthier body and avoid doing your body any harm. Air pollution, poor diet, lack of physical activity, poor body hydration...your body is losing its natural markers as well as what it essentially needs: a source of energy that is vital for revealing its total potential!
VICHY CÉLESTINS Spa Hôtel therefore announces the concept of global health, which is rich in sensations and traditional expertise that draws its strength from 2,000 years of Thermal Spa treatment, linked to the best treatment technologies and to providing high-end hotel accommodations.
The treasures of good health, well-being and beauty await you at VICHY CÉLESTINS Spa Hôtel. Open the doors and enter our grand vessel, white and pure as snow, to recharge your batteries, to reveal your true beauty and to relax.
Every day, we reinvigorate our guests' spirits and we tone and hydrate their bodies in an environment that exudes well-being.
The entire team at the VICHY CÉLESTINS Spa Hôtel as well as our major partners will accompany you in your efforts to preserve and maintain the Vital Resource that is your Health!