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  • A special residential sports package for adults: running and spa care treatment!
A special residential sports package for adults: running and spa care treatment!
Beginner? Learn to run with fixed goals. Experienced sports person? At Vichy – France, optimise your sports performance in complete security.

your personalized sports cure

In 2017 the VICHY CÉLESTINS SPA HÔTEL (Vichy-France) launched a residential sports package for adults. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, the Running and spa care treatment package is adapted to your individual needs in great detail: including physical activity, diet, sports preparation and recuperation spa care treatments. The residential sports package for adults has been put together by the multidisciplinary team of the Thermal Spa and its integrated Health Centre. Now you can have the confidence to start a sports activity again or improve your performance, in complete security.



Your first session with our coach will start by a detailed assessment of your physical fitness:

  • adapting your sports equipment to running and the season, if necessary with recommendations ;

  • discovering your capacity for sports ;

  • learning how to fix achievable goals and meet challenges ;

  • learning how to anticipate the risks of sports injuries: for example cramps, tendinitis, sprains...

  • optimising your sporting performances while respecting your body.

Coaching sportif running Vichy


Our sports coaches will equip you with a real time heart rate transmitter in order to measure your physical capacities.

  • BEGINNER?  The heart rate transmitter will determine your system's cardiovascular capacity in order to establish your personalised and safe training plan.

  • EXPERIENCED SPORTSPERSON? The heart rate transmitter will allow the coach to measure your resistance-exercise effort, and thereby your current sports level. Your results will be monitored and will serve as the basis for your ultra-personalised running programme.


Different circuits in the parks in Vichy will be used as benchmarks to evaluate your sporting progress.  The town of Vichy has first class sports infrastructures, which attract all levels of sports men and women; including  a 6km running circuit around the town centre river-lake then going through a vast park; an omni-sports centre; and the sports infrastructures of our Thermal Spa including aqua-sports in thermal water, fitness training, cardio-training, an individual coaching room, etc.

VICHY, A SPORTING TOWN!In 2016 the VICHY CÉLESTINS SPA HÔTEL (Vichy-France) welcomed the athletes from the IRONMAN tour, the Slovakian National Football Team during the 2016 UEFA European Championship, as well as other high level sports teams, for example in swimming...

The run/walk method our coaches use, alternating running with walking, is adapted to your performance objectives:

  • energy expenditure ;

  • improving breathing capacity ;

  • reinforcing joints and muscles.


In order to develop lower limb and back muscle propulsion power, we use several sports technologies:

  • TRX Suspension Trainers leverage gravity and the user's body weight to develop muscles ;

  • leg press machines are used to concentrate on the lower limbs, and pull down   machines to work out the back muscles ;

  • indoor running sessions using a treadmill with incline, or outdoor sessions, develop propulsion power in the lower limbs.

Reinforcing muscles tones the upper body at the level of your abdos, back and shoulders.

Débutant running séjour sportif



The Running and spa care treatment programme provides efficient care treatments in terms of recuperation and anticipating the risks of injury. The team at the Thermal Spa and its integrated Health Centre are available to help you during your stay, providing:

  • therapeutic massages by a physiotherapist ;

  • stretching, Pilates and fitness courses ;

  • care treatments with Vichy thermal water, recognised for its beneficial soothing and    mineralising effects; including baths, massages under a water shower, phyto-mineral mud wraps ;

  • NEW FOR 2017 Swedish massage: a deep muscle massage, appreciated by sports men and women ;

  • NEW FOR 2017 body cryotherapy®: high level sports men and women are enthusiastic about its immediate benefits which reduce aches and pains, and accelerate recuperation ;

  • free access to the fitness and relaxation areas: including saunas, a giant thermal water bath, a Turkish bath with ice fountain, cardio-training room, and ORGANIC herbal tea bar with Vichy Célestins water on tap.

cryotherapie corps


As a sports person you will get personalised healthy menus. The VICHY CÉLESTINS SPA HÔTEL has received an award for its innovative healthy cuisine. During your stay our dietician will work with you to analyse your necessary calorie intake. If you are diabetic, a vegetarian or have a gluten free diet, our Chef will take into consideration the recommendations made by the dietician.

Did you know Vichy Célestins mineral water is low in salt, sodium chloride, and rich in sodium bicarbonate?  It is one of the favourite mineral waters for top level sports men and women. The sodium bicarbonate counters excess acidity in the body, helps prevent cramps and provides better recuperation. You should try it!

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