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"In Vichy become an actor of your health."

L'Institut des Laboratoires Vichy

Laboratoires Vichy, L'Institut in the Vichy Thermal Spa Les Célestins

In 1931, Doctor Haller discovered the therapeutic properties of Lucas Thermal Water in Vichy. So he made what was at the time a revolutionary decision: using the full range of his medical expertise, he designed treatment that varied according to skin type. The Laboratoires Vichy were born.

Today, with the strength of their deep understanding of skin physiology, the Laboratoires Vichy have created l'Institut, in Vichy, where it all began.

L'Institut offers a range of treatments that are entirely devoted to the health and beauty of the skin (even the most sensitive skin types) for both men and women.

Determined by a patented Dermoanalyser skin diagnostic tool, every treatment protocol involves soothing and fortifying Vichy thermal water and the best pharmacological agents, all orchestrated to the rhythm of the massage techniques adapted to each area of the skin covering your face and body.

From your first treatment, your skin will be transformed, stronger, healthier and more lovely.